What Faith Looks Like to Me

Three year olds have more “first times” than us adults since there’s so much they have yet to experience in this world.

On a Sunday morning, a three year old is at church for whom that was routine. However, this morning would be different for the little tyke. He had just turned three and unknown to him, he had outgrown the church nursery. This was where he had been since his first church service when he was so many days old. He knew every nook and cranny in the nursery room.

This was the Sunday for him to attend the “big kid’s” class upstairs for the first time. He might have wandered upstairs before, but he had never attended the class. However, his 7 year old sister, a nursery graduate, had four years of experience over him.

The little boy was headed up the stairs to the unknown. Toddlers are not exempt from the fear of the unknown. It is ever bit as frightening as it is to those who have had far more birthdays than him. His parents wondered how he’d take to the new class. Perhaps they were even holding their breath as to whether he’d make it up the stairs. But their three year old went up the stairs without as much as a whimper. His mother would later report to family and friends that her boy took to the big kid’s class like a champ.

The three year didn’t have to walk up the stairs alone. He had a hand. His big sister’s. She held his hand and walked up the stairs with him. He still faced the unknown, but not alone. That made all the difference. If it hadn’t been for big sister, he probably would not only have whimpered but would have retreated down those stairs to Mom’s arms.

When I try to picture my relationship with my Savior, I think of the picture of this three year old walking up the stairs with his sister’s hand. He might have let go, being younger than she, but she wouldn’t have. She knew her job was to watch over her brother and show him the ropes of the big kid’s class. If he had let out a whimper, she was ready to tell him something like, “It’s okay. I’m here.”

If I’m still long enough, if I’m willing to listen, I can hear those words in my heart too as I climb the hills and mountains of my daily walk. What is faith? There are many Bible verses that define it. Hebrews 11:1 speaks of it being sure of what one hopes for and certainity of what one cannot see. When I try to picture it, I think of the brother and sister, hand in hand, walking up the stairs to the top.

This picture reminds me it’ll be okay no matter what is “upstairs” because He is with me holding my hand.


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