Don’t Give Up

I’ve saved to my desktop a chart listing the “Female Asperger Symptom Traits”.  I can claim most of them.  Such as being shy.  If I had a nickel for every time someone in my life has called me shy, I’d have a nest egg.

I am 58 and I have not outgrown my shyness yet.  I won’t ask a salesclerk where they keep the “whatever” unless I am desperate.  I mean desperate!  If I am in an unfamiliar place, I won’t ask for directions unless I have come to an absolute dead end.  I feel pangs of anxiety if I have to make a phone call asking for anything such as a prescription refill or an appointment.  I act as if the person on the other end could somehow extend their arm through the receiver and attack me.  I am, more or less, painfully shy.

I wish I was more like the persistent widow in the parable Jesus gave in Luke 18:1-8.  She was a woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I have a tough job just asking in the first place.  I have to hand it to her for not only asking once, but going back again and again until she got an answer.  Her persistence in getting justice from an unjust judge paid off.   He gave in and granted her request because he wanted her out of his courtroom and off his mind.

The Lord used this woman as an example of not giving up praying.  I remember praying about something for five years.  I did finally get an answer.  It wasn’t the ideal happy ending, but there was an ending.  With hindsight, I understand it was an ending for the best.

Persistence does pay off.  I’ve often heard it said, “It can’t hurt to ask.”  The widow’s story reminds us it doesn’t hurt to keep on asking until you get an answer.  The Bible tell us, “Knock and door will be opened”, even if you have to knock until your knuckles are bloody raw.



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