A Trash Can is a Good Place to Hide

Sometimes I have the sheer enjoyment of being with a special ed class when they have the school gym to themselves for around a half hour.  The kids seem to love it.
On one occasion, the teacher had her camera to take a class picture.  The aide I was subbing for was leaving the job and her last day was the following day.  The teacher was taking the class pic to frame it and give to the aide to remember them by.  The gym wall was a good backdrop for the whole gang to stand in front of.  It is not easy to get a half a dozen autistic students to stand still, look at the camera, and smile.  BELIEVE ME!
The P.E. class who was there before we arrived had been playing some sort of game with actual trash cans.  One of the trash cans caught the attention of one of the boys.  He didn’t play with it such as rolling the can around.  Instead, he got inside the can.  He’s a big boy and, believe you me, there wasn’t much wiggle room.  The teacher caught it in time and took a picture of him “in the can”.  
Then, low and behold, we saw another student who had the same idea.  Although the student is blind, she managed to find the trash can and climb in.  Only she climbed in head first.  The teacher took a picture of her, too, and sent it to her Mom.   The mom received the picture of a trash can with two feet sticking out of it with the line “Guess who that is?”  HA!  
That’s the kick about subbing as a classroom aide.  I never know when I’ll be surprised.  I would have never thought I’d see two kids in trash cans with one of them upside down.

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