Left or Right, Good Question

When someone asks me to take a left, half the time I’ll go right.  This can be a big problem when taking an eye exam.

We’ve been using our left and right hands all our lives. Yet most people sometimes get confused — just some of us more often than others.

I came across an article written by author, Jeannie Davide Rivera, stating that those like her on the spectrum often have spatial problems; of which telling left from their right is only one of the aspects. Well, I certainly can claim that aspect.

Both my Mom and I can remember my carrying all my books home for at least the first week of starting junior high (now often called middle school).  My first challenge as a 7th grader was opening my locker.  It wasn’t remembering the locker combination since memorization was a strength.  It was the left-right aspect.  “Turn to the right…, turn to the left…”  It took a bit longer for me than my peers to work through those right twists and left turns.

I don’t think I’ll ever ace the test of left or right, but that’s okay.  At least, now I know why I struggle with it and it isn’t stupidity!

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