D.C. to Broken Arrow

Half a dozen year ago I was living in the basement of a three story house in Warrenton, Virginia, located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  My landlord invited a young lady from work to stay for a few weeks.  It was just until their new home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was available.  Her husband worked at the White House and she had a government job.  She and her husband were leaving Washington, D.C. and their government jobs behind.  Their escaping the so-called Capitol Beltway wasn’t extraordinary, but going from working for Unlce Sam to serving the Lord and seminary students in Broken Arrow was.

Their reason had nothing to do with a better salary and job benefits.  This couple was taking a big cut.  The cost of living is cheaper in Broken Arrow than D.C., but even with the difference, it still was a big cut!

The only reason they were making this gigantic leap was because they both believed it was God’s will for them.  Logic or common sense had nothing to do with it.  Some of their friends and colleagues were shaking their heads in disbelief.  But my having a personal relationship with Jesus, of having my own experience of moving halfway across the country in the other direction (Texas to D.C.), I understood that it was by faith alone, they were going to Broken Arrow.

This couple had no visible proof they had God’s blessing.  They didn’t have a crystal ball that clearly showed they would have and maintain a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs.  Being human, I’m sure they were tempted to second guess.  “What if we fail at the seminary?”, or “What if we can’t pay our bills?”, or the scarier question, “What if this is our own idea and God had nothing to do with it?”

Despite whatever doubts entered their mind, they pressed forward.  I admired them tremendously.  I wish I knew how it worked out for them and how they are doing but I have since moved back myself and lost touch with my former landlord.

When I think about living my faith and what that looks like, I often think of the couple who only went to Broken Arrow on a leap of faith.









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