What’s Age Got To Do With IT?

Winter is my least favorite season.  I’d prefer my snow shovel remain in its space in the garage all year long.  With my lack of coordination, I fall easily for ice-covered sidewalks.  And, last but not least, I am cold-natured and thus incompatible with Ol’Man Winter.  At least, I moved further south a few years ago and live in Texas where the Ol’Man isn’t as eager to unpack his suitcase as let’s say Alaska.

During a week where I was subbing for a physical education aide in an elementary school, we went outside after a long stretch of being inside thanks to Ol’Man Winter.  Even though it was warmer, I wore my jacket because it had been windy.  As I was walking out with the students, one boy said to me, “Why are you wearing a jacket?  I certainly don’t need one.”

Before I could answer, another boy jumped in and responded with, “Because she’s old.”

Thanks a lot, kid.

I didn’t bother defending myself.  I doubt he would have taken my word for it that age had nothing to do with it.  I was cold natured long before I got my first gray hair or shadows under my eyes.  I hope the lad gains some “tact” before he gets old himself.

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