A Selfie

I came across a poster on Pinterest that defines Asperger’s and it was as close as I ever seen of a selfie of myself … psychologically speaking:

A nxious

S ensitive to criticism

P eculiar

E asily Distressed

R eal Literal

G ifted

E xtreme Difficulty Understanding Others

R esistant to Change

S ocially Challenged


I relate to all these except I’m not sure about gifted.  That one is a stretch.  HA!

Sensitive?  Well, if someone is sensitive who can be crushed if someone so much as corrects them ever so slightly,  then I plead guilty.

I’ve heard it said that life is change.  Well, if so, no wonder I have a hard time with life.    Now I’ve had plenty of changes in my life, but most of them I didn’t plan on making.

How socially challenged am I?  Bad news is a party invitation.  Good news is a party cancellation.

If I was caught on video camera when I am alone having a meltdown, the word “peculiar” would be a nice way of describing it.

As far as understanding others, I don’t.  HA!  Sometimes I cross paths with someone I feel as comfortable with as my favorite pair of P.J.’s.  But I know the pain of frustration when paired with someone for even a short spell that I couldn’t connect with.  It was like we were ideally supposed to be playing a violin duet, but instead, the other was playing the violin and I was playing the harmonica.

I do take what someone says to me as being LITERAL!  If they say one thing and mean another, I am clueless on the “another”.If someone tells me, “You should have known I what I meant,  that’s just common sense.”  Well, when they were handing out common sense, I must not have gotten in line.

Finally, at the top, anxiety!  It is an ongoing battle.  I win more battles than I used to because of medication.  The pills don’t erase my anxiety, but do knock the level down some pegs.

The above isn’t a complete list of what Asperger’s looks like.  I’ve seen similar posters that list other “aspie” traits, both positive and negative.  It is just the above one hit so close to home that I call it my “selfie”.


















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