There She Blows!

Since my Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, I have had “light bulb” moments of finding out something I did or still do, something I had trouble learning or never learned, was tied to ASD.  Such as being a later starter in tying my shoes or riding a bicycle.

One of those enlightening moments happened in the classroom.  A teacher told a student to blow his nose instead of breathe in.  He didn’t blow, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying.  That’s when the light bulb went off in my head.  “How many times did my Mom say the same thing to me?”  More than she could have possibly counted!

One of my childhood memories was sitting with a friend at church on the pew behind my parents.  I had a cold!  I had it longer than I might have because I had not yet mastered the art of blowing.  I sniffed a heap, but I didn’t blow a bit.  I started hacking and my friend started laughing.  When she started laughing, I let out a chortle and a titter too.  The pew in front, including my parents, was lined with adults who at that moment had their backs to the pastor and their eyes on me and my little friend.

I did a Google search of “autism” and “blowing nose” and the search results produced numberous links suggesting there was a connection.  Many of the web sites were about parents seeking advice on how to teach their autistic child how to blow.  I am satisified I can pin the blame for my late start at nose blowing on ASD.

I don’t recall how old I was when I conquered blowing my nose, but it was most welcomed by my Mom and probably our pastor too!





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