Boy with a Passion

On one of those seldom occasions of going to a movie theater, I pay the price of admission and sitting through movie previews.  By the time the movie I paid to see starts, I’m ready to go home.

I had the privilege of spending time with a boy who is on the autistic spectrum too.  Shortly after I met him, he came up to me with his tablet showing me his creation.  He had created a video that resembled one of those movie previews.  In my humble opinion, his creations were an improvement over those at the cinema.

His source is his favorite story series.  His video consists of pictures he takes from one of the books.  He inputs his own creation of a video title, cast members, and names of director, producer, etc.  He adds special effects giving it a spectacular beginning and a mysterious ending.  He selects the music that helps to build up the suspenseful ending that makes the viewer want to know more.  It is cleverly done and if I didn’t know a pre-teen was behind it, I would think I was watching a genuine preview of an up and coming movie coming soon to theaters.

I was with him for a few days.  I observed his autistic traits, some of which I share with him.  He’s extremely sensitive and is in short supply of self-confidence.  We are two peas in a pod on both scores.

I think I got to know him well enough to say that what writing is to me is what video making is to him.  I can’t fully put into words how important a passion is to those on the spectrum.  Since we struggle in so many areas, it is worth its weight in gold to have an area we don’t struggle in.  Even if it is just a single talent, it is at least something one on the spectrum can do with a sense of achievement and provides the sweet taste of success.  A feeling that they are somebody too and have something to contribute to this old world.

I was honored each and every time he showed me another one of his video creations.  I showered him with praise because he deserved it and needed it.  It is the least I could do for my fellow autie.

To put it in a nutshell:  I wanted the boy with a passion to know there was no one in the world quite like him.




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