A Little Slugger and Moses

A little leaguer was sitting on her all too familiar spot on the bench watching her team at bat. She didn’t much care for sitting but she was better at it than batting. Her Dad was on the sidelines as he was at most games. He was good about batting practice with her in the backyard. He didn’t even give up on her when she did hit the ball but it landed in the kitchen after shattering the window.

Near the end of the game, she thought she was hearing things when her coach called her name and said it was her turn up to bat. She asked with her eyes round as saucers, “Who me?” The coach said, “Yes, you, little slugger.”

The last time she was at bat and actually hit the ball it somehow took a mind of its own and went towards the dugout hitting the coach in a sensitive spot.  She never expected the coach would let her bat again.  She went up to the coach and asked if she was sure it was okay and the coach said, “Just go out there and give it your best shot.”

She took her spot and swung at the pitch and the umpire yelled, “Strike one!”  Well, she thought at least it didn’t hit anybody.  She could hear her Dad in the background urging her to do what he taught her.  The pitcher pitched again and wood met leather and the ball flew out to the outfield.  She ran like her feet were on fire. The outfielders were in a panic with one outfielder failing to catch the ball and another scrambling to get it.  First, second, third, and the little slugger slid into home.

Sheer pandemonium!  The proud Dad said to the coach, “I can’t believe it!”  The stunned coach said, “I didn’t know she had it in her.”

This uplifting story reminded me of a Bible story about a shepherd tending his father-in-law’s sheep in the wilderness.  He sees something on fire and can hardly believe what his eyes were telling him.  The bush was on fire but it wasn’t burning.  He goes over to check it out and is astonished to hear a voice coming from the bush.  It is God’s voice calling his name, “Moses”.  He responds saying, “Here I am.”

God then proceeds to tell Moses He had chosen him to go to bat for His chosen people, the children of Israel, against Pharoah.  Moses was an Israelite himself but had grown up in the house of Pharoah.  He did not leave Egypt on good terms with Pharoah since he had killed an Egyptian.  Perhaps the last person on Earth he wanted to see was Pharoah.

God was like the coach in the slugger story.  He was giving Moses an opportunity to step up to the plate and do something he had never done before.  Moses’s response was like the little slugger, “Who me?”  Moses put up more resistance than the slugger offering up excuses but God was not convinced.  Eventually, Moses did go up to bat but not alone.  God provided his brother Aaron who supported Moses just as the Dad had supported his little slugger.

It was the beginning of a long journey for Moses with ups and downs along the way.  Moses was never without his coach.  God directed him as to what to do, who to meet, and what to say every step of the way.  Pharoah never had a chance!  He may have thought Moses was his enemy, but truth is, it was Moses’s coach.





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