One Too Many Stations

I was hanging out in a school gym helping a coach and his sidekick.  My morning started with encountering a heavier than usual load of verbal instruction.  I do mean a “heavy” load!  If I had been my Mom’s laundry machine that’s been around for close to half a century, I would have been rocking with steam coming out of my ears.  When I am given instructions, I am on high alert!   There’s not anything I can do about that.  I’d get a new brain with new wiring but that would hurt my head.  HA!
The reason for emptying out practically half the storage closet was because it was “stations day”.  This is when kids are doing a variety of activities with hula hoops, balloons, jump ropes, bowling pins, etc.  The P.E. aide didn’t know he had on his hands a substitute aide with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  I would have told him since we’ve worked together several times over the past years, but I never had a quiet moment in the day to have that “talk”.  Besides, he was on a tight schedule and didn’t have time to write out instructions on the promethium board and draw a diagram to boot.
Any goof-ups where I didn’t get the ropes in the right corner or the bowling pins lined up just right would weigh on me since another trait of mine is having a huge guilt complex.  The P.E. assistant probably thought nothing of any mistakes since I wasn’t familiar with their set-up, but knowing that didn’t erase the tinge of “oh, no, I didn’t hear him right again”.
He showed me how to play “Just Dance” videos on the computer and I was doing fine until I accidentally chose one the played “Santa is Coming to Town”.  Well, Santa had already come to town two months earlier.  I was so nervous it took me at least a minute to switch from Santa Claus to Justin Bieber.
Then, there was a school-wide pep rally before the end of school.  The kids weren’t lacking in pep.  I, on the other hand, was!!!
By the time I got home, I could feel a meltdown coming on.  I managed to avoid this one.  I retreated to my bedroom, “stimmed” by rocking in a chair that wasn’t a rocking chair.  I did something relaxing which for me is writing.  Once my mind was channeled into my writing, I felt some relief from the sensory overload I had taken that day back at the school house with one too many stations.

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