Challenges of Living with my Constant Companion of ASD

I wish I could turn my thinking cap OFF!

When I talk to myself, I am dishing out advice or making a speech that I’ll probably never give.

My first instinct when I see someone walking towards me is to veer off the path.

I have no problem being alone with “me, myself, and I”.  It is not easy being amidst a group for a short spell, but it is much harder for me to adapt when having a lack of “alone” time.

A bad nightmare is when forced to participate in group activities

Letting go of things is hard for most people, but for those living on the spectrum, it is beyond words.  We tend to obsess about things and rehash in our mind painful past occurrences making it hard to let go.

I’d like to read an entire page without a distracting thought — better make that a short paragraph.

When I’m in a structured environment, I feel calm.  When I’m in a fuzzy environment, I feel anxious.

When three or more are talking at once, their words just become static noise and I’m wishing I had wings of a dove to fly away.

When a certain sound frequency or volume feels like a knife piercing my ears.

I prefer to figure out how to do things or put things together on my own even though there’s an expert nearby or a phone call away.  Sometimes I will only ask for help when I am utterly desperate.

Dwelling on social errors I think I made.

Responding in a conversation is hard because I don’t have the luxury of time to process it.  Thus, my responses and what I would have said if I had a chance to do it over again haunts me.

When in sensory overload and the feel of the wind blowing on my face makes me want to explode and strike out against the wind as if I could.

Sitting still is so hard to do.

2 thoughts on “Challenges of Living with my Constant Companion of ASD

  1. Kathi B

    Your insight and understanding of yourself are profound. The fact that you have agonized over so many things that some take for granted is heartbreaking. I am amazed at your resilience.


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