My Wall to Unblock

Among the list of common autism traits is imagination.  I have one, all right; just sometimes it is too bizarre for words.

An outlet for my imagination and creativity is writing.  It can be a challenge at times.  I suppose every writer suffers from writer’s block and I’m no exception.  Words don’t always come easy-like.  There are times when I’m filled with words that flow freely and I’m simply taking dictation.  While other times, I sit at my computer desk staring at a blank screen with a brain to match.

One way I have found that often unlocks my writer’s block is a date with my tennis ball and racket at the nearby practice wall on a college campus.  In the space of an half-hour of engaging the wall in a tennis match, I have come up with an idea or two to blog about.  Maybe giving my physical body a dose of exercise helps to awaken the area in my brain where creativity and imagination lie.

On a Saturday where the weather was unusually warm for a day in February, I took full advantage of getting my racket and ball out from my car’s trunk where they had been hibernating for weeks.  It was good to be back at the practice wall.  My game was hindered by the wind kicking up its heels and my having not played since Ol’Man Winter had blown into town.

Another “autie” trait is having “unsociable” hobbies.  I like practicing tennis but I don’t like playing it.  Practicing by hitting a wall requires only me.  A tennis game requires at least two people since a tennis court has two sides. It doesn’t work too well otherwise.  I don’t have the desire to play with someone else.  I might if someone were around that I felt comfortable with, but my preference would still be just me, my ball, racket, and the wall where maybe I can unblock another blog.







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