Sweet and Sly

It is called Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD).  Its goal is to provide early intervention and better prepare children age 3 to 5 for school.  On my job as a substitute teacher’s aide, I sometimes spend a day in a PPCD class and afterward, I go home to recuperate.  HA!

It was an exhausting day with half a dozen PPCD’ers.  I did battle with a four-year-old girl, small for her age, who did not lack in sheer stubbornness.  We did battle over her chair.  I wanted her to sit in it; she didn’t.   Her strategy was to straighten up her legs, refusing to bend at the knees.  She put up a good fight, I’ll give her that.

Her counterpart was a boy who has a certain strategic way of stopping an adult who is standing in the way of what he wants.  Although I got a sore foot when he stood on it, he didn’t get to play with the Ipad.

Another child was doing great at playing with blocks until he came down with a case of boredom.  He attempted to duck out of the workstation and I caught him.  He took advantage of my sitting in a grown-up chair with rollers.  While trying to keep him from running off, he used his legs to scoot us both going in reverse across the room.  The teacher intervened and with two against one, he went back to the blocks.

Now there was an older girl in the class who seldom said a word.  Sometimes she was wearing a slight frown or a slight smile.  When in the play area, she sometimes preferred my lap to sit on than the floor.  It was okay with me.  It beat her stepping on my foot.  What I remember most about her is she liked to give back massages.  After the battles with her classmates, I was utterly delighted that she gave me one.  I hated telling her to go back to a workstation because she gave a terrific massage.





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