Taking Jesus’s Word For It

In the fourth chapter of the book of John, Jesus was visiting Cana in Galilee. This was the same place where he turned the water into wine. Besides the usual crowd of common folk, there was a royal official. He was perhaps an officer in King Herod’s service. He was not the typical Jesus follower. But he was someone’s dad and that someone lay sick at death’s door in Capernaum.

He had perhaps seen or heard, like many had in Galilee, of the miracles Jesus had done.  Many of those Galileans welcomed Jesus only because of the miracles and wanted to see more.  It was like in our day of wanting to see a brilliant magic show.  They were far more interested in Jesus’s miracles than His message.  But this royal official didn’t come from Capernaum to watch a show.  He didn’t just want to see any miracle.  He wanted one of his own for his dying son.

Jesus told the crowd who had gathered that unless they saw miraculous signs and wonders, they would never believe.  In the midst of the crowd, the desperate father spoke up and asked Jesus to please heal his son before he dies.  Jesus didn’t ignore this officer who perhaps was one of Herod’s men.  He treated him no different as he would someone with no position of authority.  He replied by telling the officer he may leave now.  His son would live.  Jesus made the man a promise and the scripture states the man took Jesus at his word.

Before the man got home the next day, his servants met him with the wonderful news that his boy was living.  He asked what time did his son get better and it was the same time the day before when Jesus had given his word that his son would live.  This official must have shared his story with his house for the scripture states that he and all his houseful believed.  I’m assuming that included his son who might have died if his father had not sought Jesus and if Jesus hadn’t kept his word.

You probably heard an old saying, “My word is my bond.”  One who says such is claiming they’ll keep their word.  If they say they are going to do whatever, one can take it to the bank that whatever will be done.  Perhaps you know of people who if they say their word is their bond, you roll up your eyes.  You’re thinking, “I’ll believe it when I see it and not a moment before then.”  You love the person dearly, but they are more or less a dreamer.  They may mean to, but they just don’t get around to fulfilling their dream.

So there are times when one should take it with a grain of salt when coming from someone who has proven themselves unreliable with word-keeping.  We should also look at own selves’ track record of keeping our word.

Has Jesus ever broken his word to you?  Sure we have storms in our lives.  Sometimes short one; and sometimes long ones.  They can be so long that we may think we will never see daylight again.  But I haven’t seen a storm in my life end without daylight.  Not yet.  The ending might be far more than I ever expected.  It also may not have ended the way I hoped or dreamed, but it did end and I took Jesus’s word for it by faith that it ended for the best.




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