Tire Meltdown

It is a member of my Prius’s (aka Pree) dashboard warning icons.  I am most familiar with it than others because it pops up more often.  That’s a good thing since I’d rather have a low tire pressure warning light than one warning of a meltdown of my car’s engine.  Any warning icon is an eyesore, though.  With me, on the spectrum, a warning icon can bring on a meltdown.  I’ll overreact with a tight grip on the steering wheel and every muscle in my body on full alert.  It isn’t the end of the world for the tire light to come on, but my brain registers it as coming awfully close to it.

When this happened some months ago, my anxiety hit the roof.  I had to get it taken care of immediately!  I mean STAT!  I was afraid to continue driving Pree. I wanted to get to a tire place to erase the icon staring straight at me.  It was early that morning and fortunately, a tire place a few miles away was open.  I caught them at a quiet time with no waiting.  Pree’s rear shoes needed some airing and it was promptly taken care of.

After getting back on the road to where I was headed, I breathed many sighs of relief.  I would be drained for hours coming down from a full panic alert.  When I felt better, I thought to look up on YouTube how to check the air on a tire and how to air a tire up with an inflator.  I knew this icon would come on again and I wanted to stop having a panic attack over it.  The video of watching someone go through the motions was easier to follow versus reading an instruction manual.  The video inspired me to go on an adventure into an auto parts store and purchase an inflator that fit my budget.

Months later, the yellow icon eyesore came on, but I didn’t grab onto the steering wheel for dear life.  I was armed with a tire inflator.  The YouTube video was replaying in my mind as I got the inflator out from the trunk.  I had NO problem finding which tires were low and aired them up according to my car manual’s tire specifications.  When I turned Pree back on, the eyesore disappeared from my dashboard.  A meltdown had been averted!

I still am not looking forward to seeing that icon on my dashboard, but I have something I didn’t have before.  A tire inflator and the know-how.  If there is a lesson in this story, my guess would be — knowledge is power.




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