A Sick Woman and Jesus

In the midst of a crowd, there was a sick woman.  The center of the crowd’s attraction was Jesus. The crowd had been waiting for Him to show up in their neck of the woods. Many were there to witness a miracle or two or more. Jesus’s miracles were headline news across the land. For this lone sick woman, she was in the crowd, not out of curiosity, but to be healed. She simply wished for her bleeding to stop.

From what is written in Luke 8:43-48, I gather she was scared but determined enough to seek Jesus for relief from her torment.  I know what it feels like to be afraid in the midst of a crowd.  I can relate to her fear of asking for help.  As far as we know, she had not met Jesus before.  Thus, she was pinning her hopes on a stranger.  Without saying a word, she walked up behind Jesus and touched the edge of His cloak.  It was enough to stop the bleeding.

She was not in the clear though.  Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” This puzzled the disciple Peter since they were surrounded by people on all sides. I suspect Jesus knew who it was and the illness she had for twelve long years. He knew, too, that it was no small thing for her to do what she did.

For her own good and testimony to the crowd, Jesus wanted the woman and the miracle to be exposed in front of the crowd.  My thought is the woman would have preferred to go away quietly, never to be seen or heard.  However, seeing she wasn’t going to go unnoticed came out and fell at Jesus’s feet. She tells her story; in essence, giving her testimony.  It may have done her a world of good to tell of her suffering and healing. I can relate to that since it does me a world of good to write blogs of my own challenges of living on the Autism Spectrum.

Jesus then said to her that her faith had healed her and to go in peace. And so she did, departing as a healed rather than a sick woman.


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