A First Grader’s Proposal

He’s a red-haired, freckled-faced first grader who unfortunately knows the principal too well.  He has such a problem sitting still and finding trouble that he has a special spot on the gym floor in P.E. class.  His face is beaming when he hears the coach say they are going outside to the playground.  The playground is not quite Disney Land, but it is close enough to this youngster.  Unfortunately, he loses control and winds up sitting it out again.

He does have his adorable moments.  As the first-graders were lining up at the end of class, he whispers to me, “Can I go sit next to that girl who is so pretty?”  I had to disappoint him and his facial express was, more or less, “Aw, shucks!”  He’s in that phase of wanting to kiss, date, and even marry.  A bit early for 1st grade, but maybe not for a kid on the spectrum.  I remember my first kiss was in 1st grade.  That was when I had six boyfriends.  Or, maybe it was eight.  I don’t remember.  That was the peak of my romantic life.  HA!

I hope first grade won’t be the peak for the cute freckled-faced boy.  He may sometimes be a menace, but I for one find him adorable.



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