Apps to Help an Aspie Woman Cope

I am a desktop, laptop, and tablet geek.  Nothing wrong with having such but my array of power strips suggest I have one too many.  It is an obsessive interest, but there are some positives.  I have come across some applications (apps) on my electronic “toys” to help me cope with living on the autism spectrum.

One computer app is a “To-Do” list.  I wouldn’t have guessed I’d sign on to having such on my computer.  I have long prided myself having a good memory but I welcome a little help.  It would save me on stick-em notes.  I think of something that needs doing and if I get distracted before doing it, the thought has left the building so to speak.  With this “To-Do” app, I can enter the task when the thought strikes me.  Since I’m on the computer a lot, I am usually where I need to be to input the task.  I receive a daily morning e-mail of my tasks for the day.  I feel a sense of accomplishment each time I delete a completed task.  When there are no items left on my to-do list for the day, I get a positive pop-up message of reinforcement.

Thanks to this app, my prized electronic toy collection such as my “smart” phone and “smart” watch receive their daily serving of “juice” because charging them is on my to-do list.

An app that helps me with my sound sensitivity, particularly at night, is a white noise app.  I can listen to the rain falling, or a mix of rain and thunder; a brook or waterfall;  big or rolling waves, or soothing and relaxing tones.  It helps to eliminate or reduce the sounds that would rob me of sleep such as the tick-tock of a clock or my own heartbeat.

Sitting still is so hard to do.  So I discovered an app to help pass the time when I’m idle,  need a “brain break”, or to combat stress.  It is basically coloring pictures.  My crayon book is the app and my crayon is my computer mouse.  The coloring app I am using is user-friendly to those like myself who don’t have a steady hand.  It doesn’t show when I go over the line.  If it did, I’d have to use the app’s eraser more than I do.  I can start coloring a page and go back to it later.  Sometimes I really get into it and find it hard to reach a stopping place.

I just got the so called ‘fidget cube’ I ordered on-line from Amazon.  I was a kid at Christmastime when the package came in.  Five of its sides have something I can do with my hand to satisfy my need to fidget.  It is nice to have options since there’s only so much fidgeting you can do with a rubber band or a key chain.  And, just maybe, I’ll leave my fingernails alone

Now if they could just come up with an app to automatically thaw meltdowns before they start up.




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