Pup in the Hat

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in the Hat”.  Well, here’s a tale of a pup in the hat.

The puppy doesn’t bark or bite.  It won’t hurt a fly.  It doesn’t have to be fed or cleaned up after.  Truth is, it’s a stuffed pup.  It arrives at school with his 4th-grade owner.  If the boy is at school, the puppy is at school.  The stuffed animal is showing some wear and tear from being toted around so much.

Along with carrying the puppy, the child wears a hat to school.  He might say he’d feel naked without it if he could carry on a conversation.  Maybe one day he will.

In the classroom, he tucks his pup inside his hat like a mother puts a baby in a cradle. He’ll place his pup in the hat inside his desk, occasionally checking on it like I constantly check to see if my keys are where I left them.

On days I have subbed in his class, I notice he doesn’t get much done because his mind escapes into his own world.  I know all about that because I’m an escape artist too.  He will do some classwork; then, go back to daydream land.  The work he does get done shows he is a smart boy.

He introduced me to his puppy.  I tried to introduce him to his math problems but he didn’t take the bait.  When he packed up for the day, he didn’t forget his companion.  He wouldn’t go home without it, but he did let the pup out of the hat.  He wasn’t about to leave school without his hat on.

One thought on “Pup in the Hat

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    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)


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