A Stickler for Rules

It was just after I arrived at the school gym to sub for the coach’s sidekick that I realized I had left my school badge in the car.  I met the coach and another teacher at the door on my way out to retrieve my badge.  The coach told me I didn’t need to bother getting it.  He knew who I was.  I had subbed at this school enough that I was a familiar face to most if not the entire staff and student body.  For a second or two, I was stuck as to go badgeless or not to.  The teacher rescued me and told me with a big grin on her face, “Go ahead, I know you got to follow the rules, no problem.”

We both laughed because we both knew what was going on.  She understood without my explaining my badge need.  She teaches children who are on the autism spectrum like myself.  She understood full well why I was a stickler for rules.  I would have felt naked without the badge.  It felt good to have a humorous moment with others about my autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

I came back with my badge with my picture that really doesn’t look like me since my hair has gone from dyed brown to natural gray.  Obsessively heeding the rules can be a pain sometimes, but it is one of my traits I call an asset rather than a liability.  After all, it gets me to work on time and keeps me out of trouble.  It also keeps me in good standing with my 81-year-old Mom on the home front.



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