Asperger Humor

A party invitation excuse:  Sorry, I can’t come.  I’m so depressed.  My brother’s friend’s mother’s sister’s dog died.

If one wants to hear me talk, just ask me about my electronic gadget collection.

Meltdowns happen in various places and situations.  Sometimes after standing in a long line at the only one of twelve counters open.

Although hating my hair cut, I tell the hairdresser it looks great and gives a tip.

I’m on the hunt in the store for an item I can’t find.  I pass by store elves stocking the shelves without asking any of them “what aisle is the …. on?”  If I find it, I pat myself on the back.  If I don’t, better luck at the next store.

I was a mature child for my age; I am an immature adult for my age.

I talk to myself.  I fidget with my fidget cube and spinner.  I run into things.  I scratch myself.  I talk too loud sometimes.  I don’t dress up.  I could live on eating starches only.  I am who I am.


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