Zig-Zagging on the Spectrum

The picture was shared on Facebook by Autism All States Foundation United Kingdom.  It gave me a good laugh at myself.  The easy way of a direct line from start to finish is the road I seldom take.  My way has one detour after another.

I started my day with a jog on the patio deck.  I added this to my routine after purchasing a smart watch that counts my steps.  While upping the daily step count, a thought pops up in my brain of something to blog about. This was after a day or two of writer’s block and so I was eager to get on the computer and start blogging.  The blog was my ultimate destination and I sure went the long way about it.

I got on the computer with the intention of starting to blow.  But there’s a slew of emails that captured my attention.  I take a detour from starting a blog to tending to my e-mail.  Another detour buzzes when the washer goes off that my Mom had loaded earlier.  While loading the dryer in the garage, I am caught again with another detour.  The stick vacuum reminds me vacuuming is on my to-do list and instead of ignoring it for later, I vacuum right then and there to delete the unliked chore off my list.  I empty the vacuum container and notice the trash can is nearly full.  The voice inside my brain says you can’t leave it like that and so I take the trash can outside to empty.

I then return to my computer desk and finish up with email duty.  Before opening the site where I blog, I notice the desk crumbs staring at me like a neon sign.  I go for my hand vacuum to feed it the crumbs and discover there’s more on the bedroom floor and rug.  By the time I am finished, the hand vac has ingested a full meal’s worth.

I commence to going back to starting that blog. It is amazing that despite the detours the subject hadn’t left my train of thought.  Before the second paragraph, there’s a Facebook (FB) pop-up screen notification of a family member posting a new video.   I pause to watch the video thinking I’ll get back to my blog immediately afterward.  Wrong!  I see more FB postings and it’s another ten minutes before I leave FB land and get back to that blog.

My blog is again interrupted with the thought of the laundry in the dryer.  I stop to check and it was waiting for me to put away.  By this time, my smart watch app is telling me I need to do some more stepping and so I jog and fold laundry at the same time.  Take it from me, both can be done at the same time.

I could go on with more detours I took before finishing my blog but I’ve gone on long enough.  I’ll just say I did finish the blog just before the evening hour.

More often than not, I finally arrive at whatever the destination is.  I just seldom reach it with a straight shot.  On the bright side, I get a lot of chores done by zig-zagging on the Spectrum.






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