Jog Dance

I am “passing” less now. Maybe it is one of the stages I am going through after learning I was on the Spectrum near the end of 2016. Since I know what “it” is, I have something to call it in case someone asks “why in the world do you do that?”

In addition to pacing the floor, I jog in place.  It is exercise and stimming both.  Stimming, according to Wikipedia, is the repetition of physical movements.  Well, jogging in place is repetitive. As for it being physical movement, my worn out feet and toes can attest to that.

The advantage to jogging in place is I can do it indoors too.  That’s a definite advantage in 90-something temps with 50% humidity.  I also find time goes by faster when jogging if I’m doing something else at the same time.  I kid you not that I brush my teeth at the sink and do a jog dance at the same time.  No kidding!  I also fold laundry, vacuum, mop, and make a sandwich too.  I’m adding to my daily total of steps on my Fitbit while doing chores.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  I can’t explain it but my focus is actually better on the task at hand if I’m jogging while folding, mopping, etc.

I acquired the knack of yard work a year or so ago.  It gives me something to do and has a calming effect on me.  I’ve gone outside with my hedge clippers to escape a sound, smell, or pet peeve that is triggering a meltdown.

The other day a friend came by while I was on a date with the clippers.  She said smiling, “I saw you trimming and jogging at the same time.  Is that, by chance, an Autism thing?”  I told her, “Yeah.”    She asked if I wondered what people were thinking when they drove by.  I live on a busy three-lane two way street with traffic fitting a major thoroughfare.  I told her I just face the hedge and keep my back to the traffic whizzing by while telling myself it doesn’t matter what the passer-by’s think.  She laughed and said, “Whatever gets you through your day.”

It feels good to pass less.  A sense of freedom.  Like someone once said, “Dance like nobody’s watching.”  Well, even if they are, I’ll jog dance if I want to!






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