My Thinking Cap

I am the quiet one.  When surrounded by people in a group setting, I seldom say a word unless called upon.  When I’m talking with one person and another joins us, it is as if I had a mute button that comes on automatically.  In groups where I am not a stranger, people usually don’t bother with me except with the “Hello, how are you?’s”  I’m fine with that.

What they see is a quiet one, but what they can’t see is my brain is a busy bee.  It is taking in what the others are saying along with their tones of voice and facial expressions. The analysis of it all will still be going on in my mind long after the group has disbanded.

That is just how it is for me living on the Spectrum.  Not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing; it’s just the way it is with me and my thinking cap.


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